Just another random Blog :D.

That day I visited the BBC in London. Sorry I wasn´t able to make an epic pose, I was just overwhelmed by the fact that they´ve got a real-life Tardis! :D
Adventures in the Bathtub (1)Today a good old friend visited me. I played with him a while in my comfy bathtub, but I didn´t win once. 
He is too good at playing poker… 
Look who welcomed me Today :D
My Orihime (Bleach) Stencil Art!
My Miyavi Stencil Thingy ♥
Christmas, Lightpaint no. 2 !
Christmas Time, Lightpaint Style! (With Glow Sticks)
Om Nom Nom - Again! …This time with an Otter!
I´ve customized a Pony from the My little Pony Blindbag.
Say Hello to  Stitchy :3 (She has a button as a Cutie Mark and a pet Squid)
Such a beatiful fish °3°In Latin, it´s called  ”Pteroinae”.
In German it´s “Feuerfisch” (<- “Firefish”, directly translated.)But what´s the english name for it ?? 
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